Meet me!



I'm Melissa Vieira, a Mexican woman married to a great French guy (David) and mother of a little extrovertive French kid (Lucas) both motors of my life and dreams.

I grow up in a very tradition Catholic Mexican family, full of traditions. I study International Business in my local University (UDG) and growth a successful career in international logistic industry for many years. Working for the same company that took us over 3 continents... I met David, we build a life together, travel around the world and now making our best as parents of our little boy Lucas.

My friends always told me I was good doing crafts and as result of that is La Maison de la Poupée. Here in my little doll house is where I create my own world and shared to the world. My dolls are the reflect of how much I enjoy my time with my kid, the variety of colors show my Mexican spirit. Always changing as the country where we live demands, I create what my spirit needs to show.

Australia has given my dolls this free spirit of nature, their faces are hand embroidered in peaceful expressions, the rug cotton called MANTA which I bring from Mexico give them not just the perfect feeling for babies and kids, also this contact with nature. 

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with love,
Melly Vieira