Meet me!


My name is Marta 👱🏼‍♀️, I was born and raised in Poland 🇵🇱but since 2017 I live with my husband in Australia🇦🇺, specifically in Sydney. In 2019 I gave birth to my little daughter Ewa👧🏼, which very soon will become two years old. Obviously, she tests all my prototypes thoroughly.

Sewing has been part of my life since my childhood because my grandparents were tailors. As a child, I only observed them. Unfortunately, they didn't really have a chance to see my work flourishing. When I finally got the courage to try to create something myself, my lovely grandpa already passed away and my grandma, because of her age, was only able to look at me working.

I have participated in numerous courses, not only about sewing. I love handicrafts, handmade gifts.❤️

I enjoy the smile on the faces of people who have been gifted with something that I created myself and when my hard work is transformed into the joy of others.


with love,
Marta Talanda