Lucas's Nursery Room Decor

I'm so glad to share with you some photos of Lucas's nursery room, we decorated with so much love and expecting he create lots of memories in here.
We found the Teepee in Baby Kingdom and they also have the matching sheets which look perfect in his Cocoon Nest Cot, I fall in love of this cot at first sight, it can grow with Lucas and change into a bed and finally in to a table with 2 chairs.
All the personalized details I buy them in Tuthuru in Guadalajara,Mexico they can do lots of things for your parties or room decor.
You'll love the prices and they ship all around the world.
His book shelf was David's idea, he found them in Ikea and we decide to put one so low that he can get some books  and read them.
With this ikea shelf book we choose 2 baskets in the last spaces so Lucas can take some toys by his own and play, also he can learn to put them back when he finish.
the trolly its amazing for keep all the nappies and wipes  in order, also the medicines and daily  stuff.
Finally we can't have a woodland decor without a horse!! Lucas love it!!
Melly Vieira

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