Lucas's Little Bags

Hi everyone, this is the first small project I'm sharing with you and hoping is useful and easy.

My little Lucas expend two mornings each week in a Occasional Daycare, and I have to provide all his stuff, so is more practical and easy to put it inside these little bags.  
Hands to work!!! 
I took the project idea from one I saw in Pinterest, in the end of my post is the link so you have more information about this little bags.
  1. Fabric (one plain and one pattern)
  2. Ribbon
  3. Yarn
  4. Safe pin
  5. Stamp kit (optional)

Let's cut the fabric in two square or rectangle pieces depending what you need or what you like, then we are going to sew the top left and right sides (make little cuts so you leave a small space like the photo) then fold that little top part in the middle and sew it all along.


After that and before sewing all around we're going to sew the name patch, I use the Stamp kit ( I bought it in Tuthuru instagram shop) cut the plain fabric and stamp the name then mark the middle of the front piece of pattern fabric and sew it with zigzag stitch.

Now we join front parts together and sew around with straight stitch (left and right side and low side as first sewing photo)

One time is stitched, take the two low corners and we're going to stitch like the next photo.

 Now you finish sewing, turn the bags and use the safe pin to pass thru the ribbon and VOILA!!! The little bags are done.



Melly Vieira



Here is the link I use to made Lucas's little bags and also the link of Tuthuru instagram link for the stamp kit.

If you want to ask me anything feel free to email me to