Lucas's Favorite Books

Hi everybody!!

I wanted to share this post with you for a long time but you know that moms life is a very busy one ,but finally here is Lucas favorites books. Hope this list gives you some inspiration for your little ones.

1.- Sound Books

Noise Farm

I can't tell you how much Lucas love this book, he can spend more than half an hour hearing the animals noises. He learn to make the cow, lamp and horse sound with this book, also recognized them, so every time he see a photo or a video where they appear he starts making sounds and pointing his finger. 


2.- Pop Up Books

Let's be Pirates

This books are a WOW!! for my little one, every time he opens all the pages and pops something or he search for something Lucas just laugh and laugh and points with surprise what the books shows. He learn to be gentil and patient with the pop up and he don't scratch the pages anymore, so this was something really good.

3.- Bilingual Books

Les Miserables & Don Quijote

As you know, we're a French - Mexican family living in Australia. In order to this, Lucas must learn French, Spanish and English and one of the best way for a toddler is the books. These ones were a present from an Aussie friend when i had my baby. My husband who is in charge of reading the stories at night is so cleaver and dynamic with this ones (he speaks Spanish too) Thanks to this he is able now to understand the 3 languages, for bilingual or in our case trilingual kids take longer to speak, they start around the 2 years so be patient with your mushkins.


4.- Mood Books

Silly, Lazy, Hungry and Sleepy Monsters

As a mom I totally love that Lucas like this books, because he is learning to express his feelings and he knows thats is pretty normal to feel frustrated or in a bad mood and he makes his best to let me know what he wants, of course we're talking about a 18 months toddler that doesn't speak, so we can't expect too much, but he will.

 See you next time!! enjoy your toddler’s reading.
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